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Not Able to Join Multiplayer (Drop Dead)

RojoryuRojoryu Posts: 1
My girlfriend and I love playing Drop Dead horde mode together.  We play right beside each other in the living room (haptics are great when I swing at her with the bat btw).  During the day it works fine but for some reason when we try to play at night we can never join the other’s invite.  If I send the invite, she accepts and can see both of us on the multiplayer list but I never see her and it eventual kicks her on her side.  Same if she invites me.  At first I thought maybe it was because we are in the same wifi but that wouldn't explain why it works fine during the day. It also will not let either of us join a quick match with a random in multiplayer at night.  Any suggestions?  


  • KetobiKetobi Posts: 1
    My girlfriend and me are having the same issue. We also have problems forming a party and other oculus quest friends network related things. Our internet and WiFi works great otherwise (including the oculus quest browser) 
  • PhillipmasurPhillipmasur Posts: 1
    Happening to me playing my nephew after a few mins sporaticly. Ruining the game for us. I think its the quest itself not the game.
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