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Asgard's Wrath Cannot Start Game - Stuck on Fire

zi99yzi99y Posts: 1
I have had an absolute nightmare getting the game installed, after trying everything from various posts here it finally installed overnight (I don't have a fast connection) was so happy this morning to find it had installed.

Now I start the game and chose a motion style and then a difficulty from the 3 choices, the options fade away and I'm left watching the fire, but the game doesn't start, it just leaves me there wondering what I'm supposed to do. I have rebooted and retried with different options but the result is the same each time.

Please help. I'm on the verge of requesting a refund, games should not be this problematic!

I'm using the Rift CV1, RTX 2080, Ryzen 3600X

Thanks in advance for any ideas / help.


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