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Fatal error dialog is displayed offline

kasai_cadcenterkasai_cadcenter Posts: 7
I set up Oculus Rift S for the last few days. The Fatal error dialog is now displayed.
Press the controller button as shown, but the error is displayed again and the problem cannot be resolved.

I investigated a lot. I found similar symptoms but none of them resolved.

I noticed that there was no error when starting Oculus online.
Works online without problems. When you go offline, a dialog appears.
I want to operate offline. Is there a solution?


  • EldraadEldraad Posts: 31
    Brain Burst
    Is this  the Dash has encountered a Fatal error?  If so, and it is the same I had, try the public test channel version. The offline mode was not working on the Public test (where I found I was) and moving to the non public test channel (non Beta) fixed it.  However, 2 days later, the Beta was made live (no longer beta) and a new beta was put on the Public test channel. The new version (being the old beta test) lost the offline mode but the new beta was reported to work offline.  Confusing. So try the public test channel under Beta and not the 1.42 version and see if it works.
  • kasai_cadcenterkasai_cadcenter Posts: 7
    I tried a public test channnel beta version. it work offline !
    I hope the release version will come out soon.
    thank you.
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