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Do Headphone with flip to mute with Oculus Quest?

FlaskXFlaskX Posts: 5
Hello, I am wondering how i can use my headphones (Atsro A40) with my oculus quest. I want to use these headphone for audio and microphone. i know the quest has a built in mic but my main issue is that the quest microphone picks up all audio. whereas the astro a40 headphone have a flip to mute option where i can mute myself in games. this is so important for me. as my house is loud and i dont want my quest mic picking up background noise. especially in games such as VRchat where user can hear all audios. also is there a way to mute the build in quest mic?


  • blakesterricoblakesterrico Posts: 8
    I would believe that your heads up would work with it. I would try it out myself and see if it works. 
  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 5,530 Volunteer Moderator
    The Quest audio jacks are output only, so they won’t pick up the mic from plugged-in headphones. 
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