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Any working ways to...

"Ok so I wanna use my gear vr and I dont have my so anymore I was curious if there were any ways to use a samsung galaxy a20 with the gear vr, I dont care if I have to install some other sh...(clears throat) 'software' I would just like to be able to use my gear vr on this phone."


  • Thanatos1311Thanatos1311 Posts: 13
    Brain Burst
    I am afraid it is very unlikely. Samsung and Oculus have had a parting of ways that sounds barely amicable. While the new galaxy s10 series still works with gear, even the new notes are useless for it. You can always get an old used s8-s9 for "relatively" cheap online just to use with the GEAR on wifi. Don't void your warranty rooting your phone either, I am pretty sure that won't help either or someone would have brought it up somewhere.  I found this question in many places, and the only answer so far is it cannot be done.
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