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Exploring The World Of Stormland Live In The Oculus Rift S (Part 2)

vrgamerdudevrgamerdude Posts: 304

Playback starts at 9:30

Today I finally got the chance to explore Insomniac's new VR game Stormland and so far I'd have to say that it is absolutely amazing! Well the game that is... the original stream I did... not so much. As it always is when I try to live stream a game things got glitchy and I had some tech difficulties. This caused me to end the stream after only about 30 minutes into the game.

After the first stream I had many people reach out and ask if I was going to show more of the game and I am happy to say that yes I am. Since we are still one day away from launch and since I am sure there are still a lot of people wanting to see some gameplay pre-launch I have decided to try this again tonight. Come along with me on my journey through Stormland and lets chat about this game and all things VR related! []-)

Stormland releases on 11/14/19 so if you want to experience this game, and I highly suggest that you do, then make sure to grab a copy from the link below! []-)

Oculus Store:
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