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Streaming content and making of.. videos +rights to the models question

Orava_DAOrava_DA Posts: 1

I'm just wondering what are the license agreements in practise for the Oculus Medium. All links from the Oculus Medium point to the generic Terms of Use for Oculus that are either unclear or state that streaming would not be allowed. Still, I would like to get a clarification to these question regarding the Oculus Medium software in specific:

1. Am I allowed to stream content from Oculus Medium, including modeling process videos?

2. Do I require a specific license to do so and how would I be able to obtain such license?

3. Who owns the copyright to the models I create in Oculus Medium (assuming the models in question are my own original work)? Do I own them or does Oculus own everything I do as I'm using their software to do it?

4. What am I allowed to do with models I create and how am I allowed to publish the models if the copyright owner of the models is Oculus due to the terms of use?

I tried contacting Medium staff through facebook chat and email. The email response I got was an automated one and I doubt I'll see another response from there and facebook chat seems dead.

Thank you in advance

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