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Stormland crashes and Issues

Bob445566Bob445566 Posts: 4
I tried Stormland today. It ran fine on my Overclocked RTX2080 with the latest drivers on high settings. But it Crashed after like 2 minutes. It tried to play for about 1 hour but it crashed about 30 times. 

I also tried to play it on the lowest settings, which did not have any effect on it crashing.

It seems like it crashes mostly on key moments in the game like "cutscenes". Probably always when it loads something in the Background. 
The most crashes are at the scene where you meet that little AI thing and need to put it on your chest. I nearly did not came past that scene because it crashed about 6 times, always getting about 5 seconds further in the scene.

Does any of you have the same Problem? Or a Idea to fix it?

The rest of my specs are
32gb of Ram
and an i7 with 4.9 ghz


  • Bob445566Bob445566 Posts: 4
    I fixed it by reinstalling it. Runs ok now.
  • Bob445566Bob445566 Posts: 4
    I noticed that the game also likes to crash when I overclock my GPU to the max.
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