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No pop up in VR headset to give permission to connect with desktop

SjoemaraSjoemara Posts: 2
Hi everyone,

I would like to upload .mp4 files (360 content) onto my oculus go. I followed all the described steps i could find.
1) set oculus go in developer mode
2) connect oculus go onto my laptop with oculus go cable
3) i've read that there should be a pop up, which asks for permission, in the VR headset, to acces via desktop. Somehow i don't get this pop up. Therefore my VR headset drive stays empty on my laptop.

What should is do?


  • SjoemaraSjoemara Posts: 2
    offcourse i turned the device on!!  :D
  • va6dxva6dx Posts: 2
    I purchased the 64GB Oculus Go and it loaded the latest FW. I bought it to watch 360 videos but I can't get it to connect to my Mac I also tried with my PC. No pop ups (asking for any kind of permissions) on the 'Go' and cannot connect the Mac or PC. Tried the original USB cable, I also have 6 other cables that fit but none of those work either. Tried plugging it in and powering the Go up and also tried with the Go already powered up. No combination works. Can anyone help?
  • va6dxva6dx Posts: 2
    As soon as I turned off developer mode, I was able to connect to the PC. On the Mac, I had to power it down completely first, plug in the USB (to both the Go and the Mac), then power the Go back up (again, make sure Developer Mode is off). This is what worked for me.
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