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Stormland "start playing" and stops. does not work on windows 7?

AntimorianAntimorian Posts: 4
Well after quite some time spending on installing and reinstalling oculus garbage software..... REALLY STILL THAT MANY PROBLEMS WITH UPDATING?
and after that Stormland. when i want to start the game it says "now playing", and after that it just simply closes before doing anything (so no screen flicker or something)

i deleted the complete oculus folder in "locallow" as i read somewhere else and try to reinstall the oculus software and the game but it doesn't do anything.
the game just simply refuses. never had this problem before. not even the SSD drive hungy "asgards wrath" runs really well.

got an i5 3570k (4,4ghz) 16gb of ram and an RX580 8GB
and run this on an real OS (windows 7)


  • MaxSMoke777MaxSMoke777 Posts: 77
    Hiro Protagonist
    I'm having the exact some problem. I was informed how to access the Oculus log generator and noticed alot of "Entitlement Failures". That's DRM, right? Near as I can figure, well the *GAME* can run on Windows 7, the DRM can not. I have tried to contact Insomniac, but they pass me off to Oculus. Oculus has been running me through the same unless junk as they did to you. NONE of them want to look at the DRM. Just alot of buck passing. 
  • skyabcskyabc Posts: 11
    Encountered the same problem, helpless
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