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Best Export Settings out of Premiere...

bsuskabsuska Posts: 1
I've had success loading Insta360 EVO Video on my Oculus Go.  I also have shot video 360 3D video with my Insta360 Pro2 camera.  I can't seem to get the right settings out of Premiere with the video shot on this camera for my Go to read correctly.  I'm trying to work with Insta360 to get a definite answer on proper settings, but it is proving to be quite painful to get a direct response.  I thought maybe someone on this forum could possibly shed some light.  Here is my most recent email I sent to them with details on the settings I'm using.

When I export video to play in the Oculus Go from video I shot with the Insta360 EVO everything works great with these setting out of Premiere.  Format: "H.264 Mp4", Width: "5760", Height: "2880", Video is VR "checked", Frame Layout - "Stereoscopic - Side by Side", Horizontal Field of View: "180", Vertical Field of View: "180".  I then label the file with this at the end, "_180_3D.  That way the player in the Go automatically opens it with the appropriate viewer when someone has the headset on.

What would my settings be for 360 3D video.  I can't use H.264 Mp4 video like I mentioned above?  It would be nice to keep it all the same.  The video that I imported from the Stitcher program and into Premiere looks like it is Over/Under video and not Side by Side, so I assume I would change the Frame Layout setting to "Stereoscopic - Over/Under".  The video I imported is also 5760 x 5760, do I leave that when I export out of Premiere or change to 5760 x 2880?  Also, do I change the Fields of View to 360 for the horizontal and 180 for the vertical?  Can I label the file correctly to get the Oculus player to read it right?  Seems like I could use _360_3D?

Thanks for your help, I really need to get this to work.

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