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Oculus Rift S or Rift Instillation Error

JRIFT412JRIFT412 Posts: 3
edited November 2019 in Support
I have been looking forward every day in anticipation for Oculus Link. I purchased the recommended cables, GPU, upgraded to an SSD III Samsung 860 Evo, etc. And now I can't even install the Oculus software to launch Link, I'm a Quest owner. I have been on email with Oculus Support to no avail. The continual error I receive after the instillation meter runs is "Sorry, we encountered an error during instillation. Please restart you computer and try running Oculus Setup again. If you still experience issues, contact Oculus Support". I purchased an Oculus Rift S during the summer, and successfully installed the Rift S software, but couldn't get the headset to work so I returned it. Now I can't even install the software. Troubleshooting I've completed: restarted my PC, created a new Administrator User and attempted to install the RUN fileytype, fully updated Windows 10, ensured that the USB power settings in Windows Device Manager are not enabled, closed AntiMalware, turned off windows defender firewalls, and all background programs and other tasks, updated my driver including GPU etc. I have sidequested Virtual Desktop via Steam with no problem, or latency. I'm very frustrated with Oculus software problems, I've never experienced such poor software in my life. I feel everyone is enjoying Oculus Link finally, but me. Any ideas outside of my troubleshooting? I'm running USB 3.0 PCIe 1.0 GTX 1070, i7 860, Intel Dqr57tm, 16 GB RAM, 1TB SSD III 860 EVO Samsung. 


  • microchipgnumicrochipgnu Posts: 1 Oculus Start Member
    I have the same issue... Been having this problem for more than 3 days.
  • JRIFT412JRIFT412 Posts: 3
    I didn't want to, but I did reset Windows 10 and that worked. I succesfully downloaded the Rift S software, and Oculus Link Beta is working with no problems so far. I've played Stormland, and Vader Episode 3, and Defector with no problems. Intel i7 860 @ 2.9Ghz 16GB RAM, GTX 1070, 
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