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Ways of diaplaying device view on computer without using Wifi?

stationen.front.1stationen.front.1 Posts: 5
Hello all!
We have a client who wants to be able to connect their Go physicaly to a computer and display the view on a big TV. I am aware of the wifi solution but the client does not want to be dependant on wifi. Anyone have tips on how to achieve this?


  • kojackkojack Posts: 5,695 Volunteer Moderator
    There's binaries for windows and mac (and source for linux).

    I use it with Go's at work. It streams the Go's view over USB to a PC using the android ADB system. Nothing to install on the Go, just run the binary on the PC.

  • stationen.front.1stationen.front.1 Posts: 5
    edited November 22
    Hey thanks for the answer man! I get this message when I try and run srcpy:
    adb: error: failed to get feature set: no devices/emulators found
    ERROR: "adb push" returned with value 1
    Press any key to continue...

    Any idea how to fix this (I have my Ocolus go in developer mode and conected via usb)

  • kojackkojack Posts: 5,695 Volunteer Moderator
    Usually when you first use ADB (or when a program like scrcpy uses it) the Go should pop up a message asking for permission to connect (with an option to always allow that computer). Make sure to look in the headset as soon as you start scrcpy, just in case the message doesn't hang around long.

    Also try opening a windows command prompt where you extracted scrcpy and typing:
    adb devices
    That should try to list what android devices are connected.

    You might need to install the Oculus ADB drivers. I didn't, but I might have drivers from another android device already.

  • stationen.front.1stationen.front.1 Posts: 5
    edited November 25
    Feel like such a noob. Just noticed windows wont even register the go headset when its plugged in. Nothing happens, no popup of extra hardware connected to windows, no prompt in the headset or anything. The headset charges but thats about it :/
  • kojackkojack Posts: 5,695 Volunteer Moderator
    That sounds like it might be a purely charging cable, rather than a data cable (if you aren't using the short one that comes with the Go). Or the data wires are broken.
    I use 2m TOPK cables I bought on Aliexpress.

  • stationen.front.1stationen.front.1 Posts: 5
    Hah, yeah was a cable issue, works like a charm now. Showed the client and he is super happy with the solution. As this is going to be viewed on a  big screen (16:9) do you know of any way of changing the image aspect ratio and only inklude one eye (ie, one eye covers the whole screen?
  • kojackkojack Posts: 5,695 Volunteer Moderator
    You can crop the image like this:
    scrcpy --crop 1224:1440:0:0   # 1224x1440 at offset (0,0)
    There's also an option for resizing the video stream, but it hard codes the aspect ratio.
    But doing the cropping with a suitable size/offset you should be able to get a better aspect ratio.

    For example, on a Quest you can get the left eye as a 16:9 full screen image using:
    scrcpy --crop 1440:810:0:395
    For a Go, I'd guess: (my Go is at work, so I can't verify)
    scrcpy --crop 1280:720:0:360
    But you might want to reduce those a little, since they will show slightly past the edge of the VR view.

    I've never tried it, but apparently Scrcpy works with wifi too, if you connect with ADB in the right way.

  • stationen.front.1stationen.front.1 Posts: 5
    Hey, thanks soooo much for all your help. It has been invaluable to me. No way I would have solved this by myself! I cant get the crop to match perfectly (dont know if it is monitor dependent as well) but I am getting real close :)
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