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Using Oculus Rift S insinde a moving environment

Hello everyone,

I have a problem that I want to share with you and I hope someone can help me:
I want to use the Oculus Rift S inside a driving simulator cabin. As the cabin is moving, the picture in the Rift S is jumping inside the scene. We faced the same problem with the Oculus Rift and its external sensors, but it's even worse with the Rift S (I guess because it doesn't have external sensors). Is it possible to disable the Oculus Rift built-in acceleration sensors and just use the cameras on the outside? The cabin is closed, so the person inside is not moving relative to the cabin.

Does someone have experience with this?

Best regards


  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,485 Volunteer Moderator
    This is a trickier problem than normal motion rig cancellation (which is hard, but can be done).
    The Rift-S Insight system uses sensor fusion of two different tracking methods:
    - high speed inertial tracking (500+Hz) as the primary method
    - slow speed (around 60Hz) inside out camera tracking to correct drift of the inertial tracking and provide an origin reference by recognising the environment.
    If the inertial tracking detects movement, but the camera tracking says nothing is moving, the sensor fusion is going to get messed up.

    There's no way that I know of to disable the inertial unit. It's not only the primary fast tracker but also the backup for when the cameras fail.
  • Edward_KraftEdward_Kraft Posts: 2

    thank you for your explanation. Another idea that I had was to use the Rift S with exteral sensors, like the Rift. But unfortunately this is not possible either. Do you know any other VR system that could solve my problem?
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