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Quest Link

I have to say I'm impressed in the Link so far, after a few reboot and some tinkering I was able to get it to run.
The Oculus Dreamdeck, watch out for the 8' tall alien and especially the T-Rex!
this blows the Rift-s out of the water.
Cheers, nice work Oculus.


  • symphysymphy Posts: 7
    Yeah I'm impressed so far, though it's a bit glitchy and I've only tried a few games. My pupil distance is 75 so I knew the Rift S was out of the question to upgrade my Rift, but the Quest is great! :)
  • masgmasgmasgmasg Posts: 1
    I'm impressed too,  yesterday got it to work,  watched the Demo (City, TRex .. looks nice).
    Bought this USB 3 cable, works well on my  pc ...
    Rampow USB C Kabel, USB C Ladekabel 2 Meter, USB C Kabel auf USB 3.0, QC 3.0 USB Typ C

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