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Tracking and loss of video issues after about 20 mins of play, since 2.1.1 firmware upgrade

LightningRurikLightningRurik Posts: 8
edited November 2019 in Support
Last week's update caused a ton of issues, many of which I was able to fix by uninstalling and reinstalling Oculus and video drivers. Many tracking issues came back, and a reinstall fixed them. Now back again.

Now a very intermittent issue (works one day, the next exhibiting issues).

After playing for about 20 minutes it'll start having tracking issues. When playing Beat Saber, the hands will suddenly reset to the middle and not move, however they can still orientate and "swing" the swords; just without the hands moving. Other times the hands will drop 20 feet below the floor and stay there. Same thing, hands won't move but I can see them swing around.

Elsewise, after about the 20 minute I'll take the helmet off and lose display and VR. In these cases, I put on the headset and the screen will "turn on" but display black. I can hear audio, can see the game on my PC monitor, can hit the Oculus menu button and hear the menu pop-up, but I get no video. And moving your head around does not change the action in the game.

For the meantime I've created a shortcut to manually restart the Windows Service for Oculus (ovrservice). I found that killing SteamVR, then restarting Oculus service, then reopening Oculus, then reopening SteamVR, will fix the problem for half an hour, then I have to do it all over again.

Anyone seeing similar issues? Yes, this is continuing after multiple reinstalls.


  • LightningRurikLightningRurik Posts: 8
    Still an ongoing issue :( 
  • LightningRurikLightningRurik Posts: 8
    Magically, without any updates I saw, the issue "mostly" stopped earlier this week. I can now put the helmet down, walk away for an hour, come back and play for 30 mins, put it down and walk away, etc. Only 2-3 times did the controllers lose tracking (showed up behind your "body", wouldn't move but could rotate). I'm not sure if something changed but it's an improvement now.
  • Remmer_GRemmer_G Posts: 67
    Hiro Protagonist
    A friend seems to have solved this problem (or at least, same symptoms) after noticing that USB power saving was enabled on the sensors. Worth checking in case the firmware or recent Windows updates enabled it.
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