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Home Screen, Library, and Browser have suddenly turned twice as close and half as big. Help!

DrCyclopsDrCyclops Posts: 2
I just put on my Oculus Go headset, and something is WAY wrong. The home screen, library, and browser all feel like they're MUCH smaller and much closer than they've been in the past. Is this a software update glitch? All of my other app/experiences perform as normal, but these other screens are claustrophobic and small - not really watchable (I like to watch fullscreen Youtube). I can't find any settings to change this. Any help will be appreciated!


  • CronzoCronzo Posts: 5
    edited November 2019
    Yes update 11 moved the screen much closer and smaller. Instead of a huge screen at the other side of the room it's a much smaller screen in your face. To me it seems to be about 5 feet away which is way closer than my actual TV in my small appt. I contacted support and they confirmed there is no user option to change it so I raised a suggestion asking for it to be reverted. This isn't letting me post as an actual link so copy paste the below to vote for the suggestion
  • FunkyFunkMonkeyFunkyFunkMonkey Posts: 1
    I hate it being so close. Ruins the feeling of spacious luxury. If I wanted to sit this close to a small tv then I wouldn't need vr, I would literally just move my chair closer to my real tv. 

  • CronzoCronzo Posts: 5
    It used to be my preferred place to surf, now it's not. For me the screen is appearing just at the edge of the carpet, I can see on older youtube videos it used to appear about halfway from the carpet to the edge of the dome.
  • topatherangetopatherange Posts: 1
    this happened to me too i contacted support they didn't understand the problem, i have even factory reset my quest and now find out it is just an update thing, my onecast is now useless with this size screen, so simple to make it adjustable
  • alliphwogalliphwog Posts: 4
    This has been driving me crazy and I thought it was something wrong with my headset.  It's so uncomfortable to watch anything now - or even to browse through the library.  Move it back to where it was (or give us the option of doing so!)
  • TomCgcmfcTomCgcmfc Posts: 3,059 Valuable Player
    I like it big!  With your browser you can change the width at the top right.  Also, maybe try the free Firefox app.  It seems to display its browser in a smaller window.

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