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Original Rift no hdmi connection

Ive had this rift for a year or two now and its worked fine but last time i used it i put it away and then when i went to play it again about a month later it just wont work, ive tried everything i can find, ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling the oculus software, unplugging the headset both from the computer and from the headset, ive tried resting my pc, updating my drivers but nothing will fix it. is my cord just dead?


  • NetheriNetheri Posts: 403
    I doubt it. I had similar happening to my Rift. First i got couple of blue screen flashes and the the HMD screens went black. At first there were both USB and HDMI which didin't connect but after a while the USB started working but the HDMI didn't. As this HMD wasn't the 1st faulty device, i have a spare cable and i tried also with that and the hdmi and hmd stayed dead. Luckily i had some warranty time left, so i was able to get a refurbished unit.
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  • HoytHoyt Posts: 1
    Have the same problem since last week - 'No HDMI' in the oculus panel. What fixes this issue for me is either a re-installation of the nVidia driver, or just deactivating and then activating the grapics card in the device manager.

    But after a reboot the same problem again. I guess it was the latest Oculus update, does no one else have this problem?
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