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AMD Threadripper 3990x. Worth it for Medium?

ParhelionParhelion Posts: 37
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Can Medium benefit from this at all? Is it worth spending that much money?


  • nosferalatunosferalatu Posts: 33
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    I have not personally benchmarked that CPU, but Medium should run very well on the Threadripper 3990x. Medium heavily uses both the CPU and GPU; all sculpting operations currently happen on the CPU using all available cores, so the 3990x's 64 cores should serve Medium well.

    I generally recommend that Medium users upgrade their RAM first (to 32 GB), then their GPU, and then their CPU.
  • IanSimonIanSimon Posts: 2
    I'm currently enrolled in a Bachelor so I don't have so much time, but I'm working roughly 3 hours on my project.
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