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Privacy concerns - can telemetry be disabled (EU)?

f_thomasf_thomas Posts: 2

1. I've read that "the Oculus virtual reality platform ... collects incredibly detailed information ... VR headsets have a clear potential for surveillance and data harvesting, and Facebook has a bad track record" ( I'm annoyed about being surreptitiously monitored by Oculus (and possibly Facebook) just because I want to use a VR headset. Does anybody know which domains and IPs I'd have to block in the router's firewall to eliminate that telemetry?

2. Is there a decent third-party browser for the Go? It don't want to use the built-in browser. I'm wary of a browser connected to Facebook. Also, the browser isn't that great. It can not open links in new tabs (by long-pressing them), it has no cut and paste (between page and url, for example), it offers only a few fixed window sizes, no turning off of Javascript and so on. I tried Firefox Reality and it looks pretty - but it seems o need a lot of work. I can not even find a way to download files with it. Either I'm too dumb or they have released the first browser for the Internet that can not download stuff of the Internet.
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