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Beat Saber Multiplayer and 360??

AliSpiritAliSpirit Posts: 3
Supposedly there was a 360 version coming and I haven’t gotten any updates about this. Has this been canceled or something? Is it something separate you have to buy in addition? 

Multiple players for beat saber???? When will we get this? I have friends online, we can hear each other through our head sets...when will beat saber for oculus quest allow us to be play together? Like see a solid color outline of a person (one in oculus) connected in our games and play at the same time? Would that not be pretty cool? Instead of trying to press okay in our own devices at same time it should link us up together and when one starts it starts for all that is connected. 

If or when this happens, could someone (anyone) let me know with details to set up please!!!! Would be most grateful!!


  • AliSpiritAliSpirit Posts: 3
    I mean play together ONLINE at same time, in same song , while living far apart physically 
  • KentobiKentobi Posts: 70
    Hiro Protagonist
    The 360 mode is coming in December, though no specific date has been given. 
  • AliSpiritAliSpirit Posts: 3
    Kentobi said:
    The 360 mode is coming in December, though no specific date has been given. 
    Thank for this, I can’t wait to try it!

    i hope a multiplayer will come soon...
  • pascaline.brun.5bpascaline.brun.5b Posts: 2
    i wait too for multiplayeur 😞
    I am dying to know when multiplayer will be released also..... 
  • Umpa_PCUmpa_PC Posts: 338
    So someone explain to me how multiplayer would work ?  I have a problem imagining how they would implement it.  
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