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Sound completely silent on Rift when playing one special game

DocPhongDocPhong Posts: 1
I have the following problem when playing "Blade & Sorcery", but i have the feeling the problem might be Oculus-side, not game-side.
When i start B&S, everything is fine. Then after a few minutes of playing, sound suddenly goes completely silent on my VR Set, not only in B&S, but also in Oculus home. Restarting the game won´t help, restarting Steam won´t help, it seems i have to restart the Oculus-software. Then everything is fine for some minutes and then it all happens again.
This issue occured just some days ago, long after any update, no changes made on my computer. Not even sure it has something to do with the game in the first place, although this seems to be the only VR game that triggers the problem.
I use an Oculus Rift CV1. I normally play via Oculus VR, but tried Steam VR also. Same problem.
Tried verifying game files on Steam, everything ok.
This is really breaking one of my favorite games. Any ideas? Thanks for help in advance!

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