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Oculus Rift S Floor - Height issue

Pic0oPic0o Posts: 27
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Hello.  I recall many people having similar issues while seating, where you are only about 3 ft tall and it makes many games an experiences difficult.

Since we cannot set the floor lower than the max point that is possible to touch the floor in real life, has there been any progress or mitigation for setting your height?  I am aware applications have a parameter they can use that specifies between seated and standing mode... but one of the most consistent issues of this happens in Oculus Home.

I can add more details if needed and on a quick search I did not see this mentioned lately.  Using a Rift S, is there any way to set your height / the floor level higher than the distance presented between your controllers and the actual ground?  It makes seated games really difficult to enjoy while seated and I image it's frustrating for persons who do not have the option or ability to stand up while using VR.

I have my prior CV headset and can hook that back up, but I think that is a silly resolution for some sort of persistent height adjustment.  Not sure if there is or could be a base-level software flag to present your in-game height to be as if you were standing up.  Since this floor setting is defined in the guardian setup for the Rift S, where you touch the actual ground to bind your height.


  • ChiggerDrewChiggerDrew Posts: 2
    Used to be able to use SteamVR room setup to add an extra foot or two to height, but they updated it to used guardian settings and that's no longer a thing. Oculus really needs to add a sitting setting, since not all games have a sitting mode and people with back problems, like me, don't like standing for long periods of time. Hopefully, steamVR will bring back that ability
  • StygianAgendaStygianAgenda Posts: 3
    Thank you for mentioning back problems.  It's specifically that (5 damaged discs; auto accident) that significantly reduces the amount of time I can stand, making seated VR the only way I can play for more than 30-60 minutes at a time without my legs going numb from nerve damage.  It really sucks because I absolutely love VR, and heavily evangelize VR hardware, games, and systems, but I'm often finding myself already too tired from working a full day to come home and stand when I've got spinal damage causing inflammation.  I still try to get in at least 20 hours per week, but it'd be a whole lot easier to do if Oculus would write in a method for manual height calibration override, or provide a means to setup a sitting mode position separate from Guardian.

    As is, I've been resetting Guardian to remove the barrier and setting only the floor height (equal to whatever I'm currently sitting on), then working with it from there.  That allowed me to play a pretty decently long session of Elite:Dangerous last night.  But there are several games in my collection that just won't cooperate with that setting at all... so I'm basically stuck with software I can't use because my back can't take the pain of being on my feet long enough to get anywhere in-game before I have to bail out and get off of my feet. 

    I'm 5'11" @ 164 lbs; slim, semi-athletic medium build and not in poor shape otherwise --but with spinal injuries of the type I have, it's affecting me as if I weighed 3-to-4 times as much as I do.  
  • ChiggerDrewChiggerDrew Posts: 2
    Yeah, best hope is steamVR re adds custom height setting, because oculus doesn't care. Hoping the index gets an inside out tracking version at some point. The rift s is pretty good hardware wise, but oculus software is just garbage. Still better than WMR though.
  • JamesscJamessc Posts: 2
    I also have severe back issues. I am in a recliner almost 24/7. I have tried some apps that I cannot play. When it wants me to reach down I cannot because the recliner is in the way. I do not want to start buying games I cannot play. The only app that has worked is Mission ISS because one never has to reach down. Can they rate the games so that you can play them if seated? I think I tried the trial of the flight simulator that was rated for sitting but could not reach down to the joystick.
  • Pic0oPic0o Posts: 27
    Brain Burst
    Thank you all for adding to the conversation.  I too have some back issues and find seated to be preferable.  I tried to browse some of the Oculus developer SDK documents for parameters on how the height is being set by the guardian process but did not have any luck.  I also tried to run ProcessMonitor on windows (by Windows SysInternals) but did not isolate any parameters.

    I was hoping to find something in the .json or .xml oculus configuration files as I did not see any flags in the windows registry that seemed to be getting set.  My intent is to at least get an idea what range value gets used for setting floor distance and possibly making a took that lets us bind the floor, as if from a standing height.
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