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Shipping to Greece?

ChrisK52ChrisK52 Posts: 1
I see that there is no shipping to Greece.
Is there a way that i can get the Oculus Rift S even though Greece is not in shipping list?
I do not trust amazon or ebay and local Greek stores either.



  • HotkeyManagerHotkeyManager Posts: 3
    amazon is good ebay can be ehh but still good i wouldnt worry about amazon
  • VormulacUnsleepVormulacUnsleep Posts: 1
    Got mine from the Italian Amazon. It arrived in 2 days
  • daniellee5daniellee5 Posts: 11
    Amazon is the best option
  • gxelonitsa1gxelonitsa1 Posts: 1
    Amazon is the best option
    only if you got a local amazon bc otherways you ll have to pay more than 300 for shipping and etc
  • wuzpwuzp Posts: 516
    My understanding is that Greek law bans import of electronic games, and that US export law restricts export to certain countries.  The most "legal" way of getting product, is to go on holiday and bring one back with you; after first making sure that it looks like you left with it.
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