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Are there two versions of some games? Quest and Rift S

MattC2510MattC2510 Posts: 27
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Are there two version of some games?

I mean a Quest version and a Rift S version.

I'm watching a Vadar Immortal comparison on youtube and can see Rift S was sharper, but now the Quest Link is out would it be better to get the Rift S version.
If you own a Quest and decide id rather play it via the Link, would you go for the Rift S version?

I was looking at twitter and there was an article from the devs of Phantom Covert Ops.

“When it comes to visuals, however, we wanted to make the most out of each of the headsets’ unique strengths. We’re delighted with how the game is looking"

Does that mean there 2 versions, is it cross buy, if I decide id rather use my Quest linked to a PC would i better off getting the Rift S version?

maybe im getting a little confused   :neutral:


  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 998
    Anything on the quest is going to be a version built specifically for that hardware. The pc versions are always going to be higher quality so if the game doesnt have crossbuy and your pc can handle vr then id recommend going for the pc version.

    Im pretty sure all 3 vader games are crossbuy though so you should be fine getting either version but id double check the store page to be sure
  • MattC2510MattC2510 Posts: 27
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    edited December 2019
    I got my Quest today and have it linked to my PC, its amazing.
    i basically got the Vader games installed twice, one on my Quest and again on my Pc hard drive, PC versions take up more room on the hard drive.

    h t t p s : //
  • MikeSparrow87MikeSparrow87 Posts: 1
    There is a list of crossbuy titles which are games that if you buy on the quest or rift s they will be available on both systems, downrezzed for your quest or uprezzed for your computer GPU.

    i.e. Creed: Rise to Glory, Robo Recall, Vader Immortal, Space Pirate Trainer

    but Arizona Sunshine confirmed they will not be crossbuy so get it while it's $23 on the Rift store or $14.95 on Steam

    There's a bunch more but I can't think of them off the top of my head. 
  • MattC2510MattC2510 Posts: 27
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    Thank you.
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