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El_PachucoEl_Pachuco Posts: 1
Received the Quest 3 days ago. I am 69 and my wife is 68. This technology is brillant, powerful, exciting, and will change the world. No kidding. The future uses and needs for this technology is unlimited. Thank you guys!

But, where the hell is the manual? Granted, there are bits and bytes of information about how to utilize these technical marvels yet those are spread  throughout the WWW. It is like trying to pick the right snowflake out of a snow storm. How do we add our existing movies sitting in the iCloud to a directory where we can watch them on our Quest? Do we need an app on our PC or just our iPhone? How does one restart a game? Suspend a game and return to the spot 10 days later? Can my wife and myself share the Quest and the games we have purchased? How can we get a live image of whatever we are up to on the Quest to show up on our computer monitor? The questions are almost without end.

Thank you all!
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