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medium on quest via link (excellent) & couple of questions

finkbomfinkbom Posts: 11
Brain Burst
edited December 2019 in Oculus Medium
 Fantastic that it works-  finally easily portable medium (with laptop)
would medium benefit from an rtx graphics card over a gtx 1070 laptop?
are there any plans to add more sculpting tools to medium - I'm particularly looking at some of the tools for doing creases and smooth edges in blender (2.81) (im sure there are similar things in zbrush- but i've never got on with it/ignorant) 
- any plans to allow painting with bitmaps/texture brushes 
-how about an option to not add vertices/ change topology= great for morph/blend targets/blendshapes 
-is there a road map for medium development?

thanks for a great tool - this and quill are real feathers in the oculus cap 

---sorry for double post-----

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