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Controller Wont Select Menu

wookievomitwookievomit Posts: 1
Hello, I'm having an issue that has been really frustrating.  The controller can select from the main store menu.   For example I can open keep talking and nobody explodes and play the game no problem.

The issue is I cant select anything else on the oculus homepage.   Anything related to the quick access tool bar at the bottom if the home screen will not work.  Another strange issue is when using the browser I can select actions like a new tab.  However when I open up the keyboard to type a url in the controller will not allow me to click on anything. 

I have unpaired, removed the battery, nothing seems to fix this.  The controllernia only 1 day old....


  • Crazy_SaneCrazy_Sane Posts: 391
    It's an inconvenience, but you could try a factory reset. Otherwise you could fill out an "Oculus Support Ticket", but they will probably advise you to perform a factory reset.
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