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oculus rift s going black screen and says display port not connected

Exactly what the title says, also tested on my brother pc and exact same thing
My build,
aorus 2080ti
32gb ddr4 corsair dominator
1200w corsair AX power supply
asus maximus XI formula
brothers build,
8gb corsair ram
Gigabyte 1050ti
i5 7600
650w corsair power supply
Asus b250m 7th gen


  • CKXaphanCKXaphan Posts: 5
    would aslo be good to mention i get anywhere between 2 minutes and 10 minutes of gameplay before this happens
  • dburnedburne Posts: 3,173 Valuable Player
    Have you checked the Oculus log file to see if there is any clue in it?

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  • CKXaphanCKXaphan Posts: 5
    the logs file is empty but the actual oculus folder in %appdata% folder has a bunch of oculus client errors which say renderer process crashed and server closed conmection
  • CKXaphanCKXaphan Posts: 5
    Ive tried everything from unplugging and trying different ports to completely uninstalling the oculus software and headset and trying a on a different computer
  • CKXaphanCKXaphan Posts: 5

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