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"Sorry we encountered an error during installation"

Rondoo93Rondoo93 Posts: 3
edited December 1 in Support
Trying to setup my oculus rift but keep getting this error, I have disabled all anti-virus software all GPU tools and all other unneeded programs while trying to install but still no luck, I would provide a setup log but when I go to %localappdata% there is no oculus folder.

I provided a dxdiag file if that is of any help as I cannot give a setup log.



  • kinderwoodkinderwood Posts: 2
    Same for me situation as Rondoo93, no Oculus folder in appdata or oculussetup.log file.
  • Metentis_Metentis_ Posts: 1
    I had this issue today and went through every single fix I could find.  Nothing worked.  Until... I unplugged the headset, then it installed fine.  Beyond frustrating.
  • kinderwoodkinderwood Posts: 2
    Was able to finally get it installed.  I tried a bunch of fixes found on these forums but nothing worked, unplugging headset from USB, re-enabling firewall so it could set permissions properly, windows updates, .net framework, etc.  Same result every time.  I then deleted the partially installed C:\Program Files\Oculus folder and tried one last time and it completed successfully.  So I'm not sure which fix actually worked for me since I tried so many, but it did need a fresh folder before it would complete successfully.
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