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Do I have to rebuy all my games bought for my Rift when I buy a Quest

old_greydudeold_greydude Posts: 1
edited December 1 in Games and Apps
Sorry if this has been asked before - I searched this forum and could not find any questions or answers to this.  I bought a CV1 as soon as it was available and have quite a few games bought for this. I would like to buy a Quest, just for portable reasons.  There are a number of games available for both the Rift and the Quest - do I have to rebuy all the games available for the Quest - or can I use some or all of these games on the Quest. It would make buying the Quest not a viable option.

I have just seen that there is a thing called 'Crossplay' - I will look to see if it is indicated in the Oculus store.


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