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Oculus Account: Shows 'No Devices Registered'

Gustav_von_HelmetGustav_von_Helmet Posts: 14
Brain Burst
edited December 2019 in Support
This is not a huge deal, but it puzzles me: -

When I look under 'My Devices' in my profile it says 'An Oculus device isn't registered to your account at the moment. Set up an Oculus headset to get started.".

If I go to 'My Rift' it shows my headset serial number, and a list of some of my apps, so I would have thought the headset should show in My Devices as well.


  • dirk.beauregard.1dirk.beauregard.1 Posts: 1
    I just updated the Oculus app and this is happening to me, too!  No clues on the website about how to proceed.  :(
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