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Watching 360 videos in VR on the Oculus Rift S

AgantoAganto Posts: 1
I tried searching for a solution, but I either not really got an answer or not really one thats solving my issue so far.
I simply want to watch 360 videos on the internet in VR. 
The solution seemed rather simple. Firefox supports WebVR and is supposed to go well with oculus. But every tutorial ever just leads me to the Firefox Reality App for Oculus Go and Oculus Quest. The Rift S has no such App. The Firefox Browser on its own is supposed to be able to pull it off as well, however its not doing anything.
Google chrome has Oculus support and WebVR, but this, again, seems to do simply nothing. 
Then there was Opera, but once again the VR button that is supposed to turn the 360 YT-Video into VR simply doesn't exist for me.
I tried DeoVR from the Oculus Store, but neither was I able to copy paste an URL as described, nor did the manual search result in something else than just a flat cinema mode.
The Youtube VR App from Steam VR worked in principle, but since its only for YT and the reviews are abysmal I am not sure about just taking that as a "solution".
Another suggestion was to buy Virtual Desktop, but I am of course not going to pay money for a solution, that maybe simply won't work because of problems I had before, and that might have a solution I am simply unable to find.

What was your solution to get things done? I thought watching VR content on the browser with a VR headset would be kind of a no brainer, so I can hardly imagine to be the first one.

Thanks in advance

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