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Everytime I setup Oculus - "Restart Computer

Everytime I install Oculus and run the set up, after it installs, it goes to this screen saying..

"Restart Computer

Sorry, we encountered an error during installation. Please restart your computer and try running Oculus Setup again. If you still experience issues, contact Oculus Support"

i added my log to this so maybe you can help me.


  • HarmonyRocketHarmonyRocket Posts: 2
    Exact same error here; have a ticket in with support but no solution yet.
  • gregor616gregor616 Posts: 20
    Brain Burst
    I get this on my laptop as well.
  • TheLonelyFishTheLonelyFish Posts: 1
    Same here, I have tried all manner of deleting all temp files and restarting pc and all the jazz with no luck
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