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Help: my Rift (CV) suddenly disappeared.

GicoGico Posts: 16
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Hi, after using my  Oculus Rift without any problems for about 1 hour, I took a  break (30 minutes).
When I put it on again,I had black screen. No sign of life. 
I went to Oculus config panel and realized my Rift was not connected.
I tried to set it up again, but HDMI and USB port keep waiting for signal. 
I tried changing ports, restarting the system but no joy.
Also touch are disconnected, but I suppose it  depends on the rift problem. Sensors are both OK.
Whats the problem here?
Thanks in advance.


  • GicoGico Posts: 16
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    I think it's gone. I installed oculus software on my laptop. I connected USB and HDMI but nothing. White led inside the Rift doesn't light up and the device is not detected... How is it possible?
  • LukeRossLukeRoss Posts: 137
    Have you tried reseating the cable on the HMD side (you need to pull the facial interface off first)?
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  • GicoGico Posts: 16
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    No I did not. I didn't even know it was possible. It does make sense: cable was twisted around the HMD when it stopped working. I give it a try as soon as I get home and let you know. Thank you.
  • GicoGico Posts: 16
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    I reseated the cable on the HMD but nothing to do.
    When I plug in the USB cable in the PC port the led in the HMD lights up YELLOW but Oculus panel does not detect any connection.
    When I plug in the HDMI cable in the graphic card port nothing happens.
    Any idea?
  • Hiro_Protag0nistHiro_Protag0nist Posts: 4,998 Valuable Player

  • parsecnparsecn Posts: 133
    Sorry mate, you've twisted your cable to where it has permanently faulted. 

    Unfortunately, game over.

    If it is under warranty, you'll want to contact Oculus support immediately. If you are out of warranty, you are sol.
  • GicoGico Posts: 16
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    I gess it's a cable issue. Today I'm going to a friend of mine to test my rift with his working cable.
    Warranty ended in october. I don't understand why Oculus stopped distribution of spare cables, considering they are so prone to fault. Probably they want us to buy a new headset, but probably it will not be an Oculus.
    Anyway it's a shame that my (and so many) VR system now is useless junk just beacuse of a stupid cable.
    Is it possible there is no third party spare cable in the market? 

  • parsecnparsecn Posts: 133
    No 3rd party cables have been made available at this time. And to my knowledge, no persons or company have put their hand up to manufacture them. 
    Oculus support standard answer for faulted CV1 cable(s) outside of warranty is, "Just buy a Rift-S" or "Buy a refurbished CV1" which completely blows. 
    Let us know how your test goes. I won't buy another Oculus hardware product again. 
  • GicoGico Posts: 16
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    Well, I tested my CV1 (and cable) on my friend's system and have been very pleased to realize that my CV1 and its cable are both OK!   :)

    I was quite sure it was a faulty cable issue, but luckely it's not.
    Useless to say I tried swapping ports and so on...

    I'm going to investigate on USB 3 port on my system and let you know.

  • MorgrumMorgrum Posts: 1,801 Valuable Player
    Thats great news!
  • RuneSR2RuneSR2 Posts: 6,563 Valuable Player
    After I've gotten my left Index controller back, my CV1 is disappearing too  :'( 

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  • GicoGico Posts: 16
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    Hi guys, I can confirm it was a USB port issue.
    Rift was connected to an add-on card USB 3 port. I connected it to a USB 3 port of the motherboard, et voilà! problem solved.
    It seems that the bad USB port does not give enough power to the Rift.

    Well, before you can call me stupid   :* , let me tell you that changing/swapping ports perhaps is the first thing I tried, with no result.
    Bad USB port doesn't work with Rift, but is good enough with other devices: mouse, joystick, keyboard. 
    Maybe it doesn't give enough power to the Rift?

    I'm quite sure had tried connecting the Rift directly to the motherboard... but perhaps I was in panic and performed my tests badly. 

    Wrong assumptions and panic often lead to wrong conclusions...

  • parsecnparsecn Posts: 133
    Thanks for reporting back all the same. It certainly helps others who might encounter similar symptoms. 

    And now you know to tread very lightly on your headset cable - treat it like a baby!
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