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Oculus Quest - Hardware issue & Link App keeps closing

I'm trying to get Oculus Link to work on a new Gaming Laptop (Asus with an AMD R7-3750, 16GB RAM Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti). I'm connecting with a USB-C to USB-C 6ft cable, and the Oculus app sees the Quest with the green light. 

I keep getting a notification from the oculus app that there's something wrong with the hardware.

When I try to launch an app through the Oculus App, the Quest displays three dots for a long while, then eventually times out and says the link app closed, asking if I want to reopen. I do, and it does the same thing, then says the app keeps closing.

Any help? 


  • jamison.boyer.5jamison.boyer.5 Posts: 3
    edited December 2019
    Figured it out. It works now that I disabled the built-in Vega graphics driver in device manager. 
  • EternalHellEternalHell Posts: 1
    I am thinking of getting a laptop with similar specs to do the same thing with Oculus link. What is your performance like out of the 1660TI? :smiley:
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