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Hdmi not recognized but rift shows up as second display

PanictimePanictime Posts: 1
I've been using my rift for a long time at this point. I just got a new laptop that is better than my old one. The problem is that when I went to set up my oculus the hdmi wouldn't connect. What was weird is that the oculus was actually on during this the display in the headset showed my desktop. I looked at my display settings and I noticed that it was being recognized on my new laptop as a second monitor. I turned off the oculus app but the headset stayed on as a second monitor. I then tryed reinstalling everything. That includes my drivers for oculus the graphics driver for my computer. I reinstalled the oculus app. I also tried to see if it was set to the wrong graphics card. The problem seems to be that my computer thinks its a generic pnp monitor and wont recognize it as the rift head set. I will restate though that it still works totally fine on my old laptop, so I know its not the cords. 
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