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90hz on oculus link?

looking for Opinions for a 90hz enabled Oculus link connections. ( Note: I`m not a Developer)


  • KentobiKentobi Posts: 172
    The Quest caps at 70hz or so. You're not going to get 90 with Quest/Link.
  • bobkbrownbobkbrown Posts: 19
    Not without a mod anyways... I heard rumors but not sure the hardware can do it.
  • jayhawkjayhawk Posts: 825
    edited December 2019
    The Quest can do 90hz using the link, but they would have had to get FCC permission and didn't want to go through the process. Maybe in the future. I'm sure the OP was about getting around that though (mod). Kind of vague.
  • kenalopekenalope Posts: 3
    my laptop isnt compatible with link after buying a 20$ cable
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