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Oculus Home messes up internet connection

NWGJulianNWGJulian Posts: 2
edited December 2 in Support
hey together
i purchased oculus rift 2 days ago.
everything worked quite well, managed to play a few hours yesterday

but i have serious problems with the oculus home app: as soon as i start the app, my internet connection drops basically to 0. i get kicked from every teamspeak server and get an latency of 300-2000ms. at first i thought its my wlan (cause i moved to another room in my house because of the oculus), but i realised, as soon as kill all oculus apps via the task manager, everything gets perfectly fine. (stupid enough that this is the only way to close the app?!)
as soon as i start the app again, everything starts from the beginning ... at first i get kicked from teamspeak, then after 1 minuten everything is back again normally, 30 seconds later 2000ms ... repeating every minute ...

there is no such thing as a "download manager", so idk if it is doing some updates or anything like that. the updates-folder is empty.

is this a normal behavour?
i am really dissapointed, its driving me crazy ...


  • NWGJulianNWGJulian Posts: 2
    edited December 5
    seems like nobody is having an idea here.

    tested it just now again. 30ms latency in teamspeak. windows is doing an update, allright fine.

    starting oculus home client. 5 seconds later -> 3000ms, 4000ms, well ok, nice, not getting better for the next 5 minutes

    getting rid of all 3 oculus tasks in task manager -> instantly latency down to 3000ms, 2000ms, 1000ms ... until its at 32ms again
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