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Oculus Link disabled, Quest operating in standalone, yet appears as working in Oculus application

Ashram56Ashram56 Posts: 3
Good morning,

I'm having a little bit of a hard time getting Oculus Link to reliably work. And it's probably not a cable issue, since when I did get it to get enabled, it worked beautifully.

Symptoms: the Oculus application on the PC detects the headset, states that it's active. When I put the Quest on, there is a pop up window asking for "enable Link". I enable it, and from there I have two symptoms:

One out of 10: Oculus Link does get enabled, I can launch applications, SteamVR, everything works as it should, no glitches

9 out of 10:
- The Quest reverts back to "standalone" mode
- If I access the settings on the Quest, I can see the Oculus Link option, and when I click on it, it states it cannot connect and fails to detect the host application on the PC
- If I access the settings on the Oculus application on the PC, it does detect the Quest and state it's "active and connected"

Note: Once I have it running, if I select the Guardian settings, it will revert back to the Quest mode of operation, and it will never go back to the Link mode of operation (well at least I could not figure out how to)

I swapped USB ports, no avail.

When it did work, it was really good though...


  • Ashram56Ashram56 Posts: 3
    Checking the logs, here's what I have:

    02/12 18:09:21.874 {DEBUG}   [xrstreaming] trying to create transport with 'winusb,2833,183,1,83,2'
    02/12 18:09:21.882 {!ERROR!} [Kernel:Error] OVR Error:
      Code: -6102 -- ovrError_XRStreamingUSBIssue
      Description: failed to open device 2833:0183: (10) no device
      OVRTime: 12726.814969
      Time: 2019-12-02 18:09:21 [882:746:600]

    Yet Oculus app on the PC states that the HMD is up and running and connected...
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