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Last Chance to Win one of 50 Keys for Instrument Studio VR - Releases on 3rd Dec.

lukeskywatcherlukeskywatcher Posts: 128 Oculus Start Member
To celebrate the launch of Instrument Studio VR, the first complete virtual recording studio, which includes all the instruments you need to make a record - we have 50 Studios to win, in the form of Oculus Store Keys for Rift!

Instrument Studio VR Official Launch Trailer (1 min 57s)

We would like you to comment on this post, and tell us your most memorable moment in music. This could be a concert you attended, a song that moves you every time, a musician that you admire, a gig you played, or anything else that has left a big impression on you.

20 winners will be selected from the best comments across Reddit and Oculus forums, until 9.00am Pacific 3rd Dec 19.

You can also increase your chances of winning a Key, by entering one of the other competition options that have been running over the weekend.
See -

You can enter each option to increase your chances, and comment on this post, but only one Key per person can be won.

Good Luck to All!


  • LuciferousLuciferous Posts: 2,682 Valuable Player
    edited December 2019
    I played three blind mice on a recorder once 40 years ago, not very well 😀
  • StawoStawo Posts: 1
    My first time on the drums. was pretty bad. but it hooked me so much that i took lessons :#
    Greetings from ger ;)
  • lukeskywatcherlukeskywatcher Posts: 128 Oculus Start Member
    Thanks for entering for a Key @Luciferous and @Strawo (hello gerWink)!!

    They need to burn every Recorder in existence + let kids play drums and guitars instead.
    Who know what could have been @Luciferous, if you started on drums like @Stawo..........??

  • LuciferousLuciferous Posts: 2,682 Valuable Player
    Oh I won a key feel a bit guilty with my entry lol. How do I use it?
  • lukeskywatcherlukeskywatcher Posts: 128 Oculus Start Member
    Oculus desktop app - settings - account - redeem key :)
  • TadinTadin Posts: 336
    If only my CPU cooler hadnt self destructed :-)

    I'll certainly check this out, everyone in the family loves their music :smile:

    My current favourite music moment is my daughter singing "Only the good die young" by Queen in her schools musical "We Will Rock You" last week, I know I'm biased but she has an amazing voice and it still gives me goose bumps when i listen to the secret recording i took :smiley:

  • I am so f*cking dumb. Somehow I thought this was releasing December 13th instead or 3rd. I could have tried it out yesterday!!!
    Anyway, bought it, and currently downloading. Again, thank you, someone had to make a good VR Recording Studio!
    Hyped for the Quest 2!

    My hopes for VR next gen:
    - Full Body Tracking. Come on, Oculus!
    - Eye tracking with foveated rendering. Must reduce the power needs!
    - More big-scale games. I need a true VRMMORPG!
    - Bigger community.

    "If you don't mind, do you want me to take you there? Where dreams come true."
  • lukeskywatcherlukeskywatcher Posts: 128 Oculus Start Member
    Many thanks @LuluViBritannia :)
    We hope you enjoy making music, please contact us if you have any problems, or want any other info!  B)
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