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carry over games from rift to quest

synthkidsynthkid Posts: 17
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I have just sold my rift and bought a quest , i have about 10 occulus games i purchased for the rift  can when i set up my quest just use my old account and play my paid for games on the quest?


  • ohgrantohgrant Posts: 349
     It depends on the developer and game. If you have Robo recall,  you will get that with the Quest. Superhot will have to be repurchased if you want it on Quest. 
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  • TwrchTrwyddTwrchTrwydd Posts: 22
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    edited December 2019
    If the games you already have bought for the Rift are "Cross Buy" they will show up in the Oculus Store for the Quest as "Free" so you can just install the Quest Version on your Quest.
    Works of course only with your existing account !
    you can find those available on both platforms here

    If they are not available on both platforms, just use Oculus Link and play them on your PC as you did with the Rift.

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