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Wiggling(shaking) of controllers after 9.0 update

igorkuvigorkuv Posts: 1

Founded out the problem after 9.0 software update. After an hour of using quest in the area without moving, controllers starts a little bit wiggling (shaking) and accuracy of tracking is become lower. Especial got mad using gravity sketch. 

I think it because of Passthrough+ feature. This new algorithm detect a shape of controllers in front of headset and try to “fix” (warp) them. So the shape of controllers  is changing and distorted all the time. I use all the light i have in the room, it’s doesn't help. 

Possible Solution: disable passthrough+ feature when using an applications.


  • KentobiKentobi Posts: 36
    Brain Burst
    Let your headset update to v11 and see if your issue is there. I don’t see how passthrough would be related to this - yes, there’s a bit of visual warping, but that’s not how the controllers are tracked. 
  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 775
    This was an issue in early dev kits where tracking would degrade after about an hour in a way that youre describing. Id contact support as it may be a hardware issue
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