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If I get Beat Saber for the Quest, do I also own it for Rift?

MaraKalatMaraKalat Posts: 3
I'm still on the fence about which system to get, so I've been looking through both storefronts.
A peculiarity that I noticed is that Beat Saber is available on both the Quest part of the store and the Rift corner.
For Vader Immortal it's even weirder, listing Quest support on the Rift page and vice versa.

If I get a game that is available for both platforms, do I get it for both platforms?


  • MaraKalatMaraKalat Posts: 3
    edited December 3
    Ooh, looks like there's a cross-buy section on the store.
    I think that basically answers my own question for the general usage.
    However, if somebody could explain to me if this works specifically for Beat Saber I'd appreciate it.
  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 5,061 Volunteer Moderator
    edited December 3
    No, unfortunately Beat Saber does not support cross-buy. When you look at the store page for any game, check the Supported Platforms section; cross-buy titles will mention both Rift and Quest, like this:

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  • MaxxgoldMaxxgold Posts: 378
    edited December 3
    If you buy it on Steam, you can play it on both headsets, but it is the one game I would purchase again to play untethered. 
  • MaraKalatMaraKalat Posts: 3
    Thank you both for explaining, I appreciate it  :)

    Kind of messy how they set that up...
  • kojackkojack Posts: 5,728 Volunteer Moderator
    Maxxgold said:
    If you buy it on Steam, you can play it on both headsets,
    Just to make sure it's clear to everyone, the steam version won't play natively on a Quest. You could stream it with the link cable from a PC, but if you want to play stand alone Beat Saber it has to be bought from the Quest store.

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