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(Fixed) Audio quality through link when using headphones or builtin headstrap

FettoFoxFettoFox Posts: 4
edited December 2019 in Oculus Quest 2 and Quest
Was playing beatsaber through oculus link and the audio sounded like it was being processed for the quests built in speakers (lacking bass and highs)



  • FettoFoxFettoFox Posts: 4
    I've found the issue, turns out the audio was actually being processed for my laptops speakers because audio is piped from the built in audio device to the headset.

    A quick fix for me was to put a dummy jack into my 3.5mm audio jack on my laptop and tell the laptop that the device connected is a pair of headphones to do less processing of the audio

    A permanent fix to this would be to have virtual audio devices (Treat the quests audio devices as Usb devices) I see this in the future in order to add mic support to the Oculus for link

  • FettoFoxFettoFox Posts: 4
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