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Robo Recall - The Star Wars Mod Pack!

Firestorm185Firestorm185 Posts: 115
edited December 2019 in Games and Apps
I've now created two firearm mods, the clone trooper assault rifle and Han solo's pistol, and the Lightsaber mod and Clone Trooper Player mod, for Robo Recall! I've combined them all into a new mod pack, named the Star Wars Mod Collection, for easy access over on! go check out the link below if you'd like to add more Star Wars to your VR Adventures!

The Star Wars Mod Collection IMGpng
PC specs - GTX 1070 (MSI AERO); 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3; intel i5-4590, MSI motherboard (don't remember but it was a combo deal) and an EVGA Supernova 750W semi-modular.
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