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Oculus Go get frozen when rebooting

RAVlogRAVlog Posts: 2
Hello everyboy !
I have problem with the menu: nothing appears, only the lower bar.  Then when rebooting, it got stuck with 3 little dots blinking,... and nothing happens.
What is the problem ? How can i fix this ?


  • fishhuntfishhunt Posts: 39
    Brain Burst
    sounds like you got in a usb2 has be put in a usb3 to make it work
  • RAVlogRAVlog Posts: 2
    Yeah no, I tried with both
  • bullcrapbullcrap Posts: 1
    I have the same problem and it’s  only 2 days old.   fix?
  • SantaridesSantarides Posts: 1
    help !!!  My son got an Oculus Go for Christmas.  Been working awesome until this evening.  The Headset is frozen.  Put it on....all we see are dots.  Then it shuts off automatically.  I can’t see the controller....and the app is saying the Headset can’t be found even when it’s right beside my phone.  What do I do ???
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