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In stock?

acboyzacboyz Posts: 1
Tried to find the Quest, only place was Amazon for 699$ and up. Oculus website said order would ship by 12/31, so obviously not in time for Christmas. Anyone have any info on when it will be in stock either online or in stores? Thank you


  • enigma01enigma01 Posts: 615
    If you’re after the 64Gb, every major outlet seems to say ‘out of stock’ or ‘awaiting eta’ in my location. The 64 version always appears to have been the most popular with regular backorders. 
  • zerocool1028zerocool1028 Posts: 41
    Brain Burst
    Amazon says both are in again 17th or 18th. I got lucky. Ordered one saturday on gamestop. Yeah I know it was a nightmare said I got one and then I called not getting a shipping email and the lady said it was backordered. Well I checked my email monday night and it was shipped! The 128gig one. I want to get tilt brush arizona sunshine and maybe gun club or pistol whip.
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