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Why does my rift s headset seem to randomly disconnect or the cameras just stop working?

bigboymad11bigboymad11 Posts: 2
I was playing boneworks and vrchat and while playing the controllers frequently froze but i could still rotate my hands and use buttons so they arent dead and they don't disconnect. The headset has been giving me issues from the start, at first i was just seeing static then after redoing the setup several times and unplugging the cord from the headset i got it to stop. Then my headset seemed to disconnect randomly and often. This is very aggravating as you can imagine since i did pay $350 (it was on sale) for a vr system that should just work and i shouldn't have to troubleshoot it. I'm not the only one saying these things either, the rift s has so many issues that im starting to question my decision to get it over the htc vive.


  • Crazy_SaneCrazy_Sane Posts: 354
    Is all your software and drivers up to date? What are the specs of the PC you're using? Could there be a bad connection in you Pc's USB ports? What sort environment/ lighting are you using it in?

    This is just a public forum. Your best bet is to fill out an "Oculus Support Ticket". This will get your question directly to Oculus customer support.
  • bigboymad11bigboymad11 Posts: 2
    I know its not the specs and i have read that using a powered USB 3 hub can work. I know its not my USB ports so i'm gonna check my drivers and if that doesn't work ill try a USB 3 hub.
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