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Multiple accounts...

Hi there,
Why can't I have multiple accounts on my Quest? We are constantly trying to demo games we bought which could generate more sales for you, but we run into a wall not wanting to affect our progress in games by having some new person try the game. Why can't we, if anything, have a guest account where all games start as if it is their first launch? All guests go through the tutorials etc so that they can properly orient themselves.
I might be missing something obvious which would allow this, but google has only yielded more dissatisfied Quest owners.
Thanks for reading.


  • mattbenicmattbenic Posts: 28
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    I second this. Particularly with such tight Facebook integration, it should be possible to log a secondary user in on a device with Facebook that is allowed to use the installed games and applications, but has their progress, etc, saved to their Facebook account.
  • TheChris1618TheChris1618 Posts: 2
    I'll jump on this too. This seems like a weird and misguided choice on Facebook's part. I have the Rift S, actually we got it for our daughters for Christmas. The only option seems to be them play as "me" on the games, which I am not crazy about. I'm also not crazy about having the "social" features on the headset turned on for my kids. 

    A system like xbox has would be ideal. Multiple used sign in and you choose who is active at any given time.
  • daezydaezy Posts: 1
    darn!  the hubs JUST said something about setting up his own account for himself.  guess this answers that!
  • kojackkojack Posts: 7,220 Volunteer Moderator
    daezy said:
    darn!  the hubs JUST said something about setting up his own account for himself.  guess this answers that!
    Just be aware that if you are on a Quest, you can't log out of an account easily. The only way to change which account is active is to do a full factory reset of the Quest, which wipes all of its storage (and possibly game progress if it isn't cloud saved). Only the Rift / Rift-S allow easy logging in and out of accounts at any time. (Or a Quest when running on a PC using the Link cable, because it's emulating a Rift)

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